Bailey Walsh-Nussbaum Funeral Directors, have a long history and have been serving the families of Ottawa for generations. It all began with the Keilman Undertaking Company in 1909. Pictured at the left is Nicholas T. Keilman and William F. Bailey in 1915. In 1912, William F Bailey and Nicholas T. Keilman became partners. Mr. Bailey bought the business in 1915 and in 1929 built a home with living quarters establishing The Bailey Funeral Home. Edward J. Walsh and William J. Bailey owned and operated the Bailey Walsh Funeral Home until Bill died in 1963, located on the corner of Clinton & Jefferson, Ottawa, Illinois In 1965 Edward J. Walsh opened the Ottawa Funeral Home at 1111 LaSalle St. Retaining the name of Bailey-Walsh Funeral Directors. Ed was the first person in LaSalles County to become an Emergency Medical Technician qualifying though American Physcians & Surgeons Association of Chicago in 1972. At that time we had a local Ambulance Service In the summer of 2013 a state of the art cremator is installed in Ottawa Funeral Home. It is the first and only crematory installed in a funeral home in LaSalle County.