Wright's furniture was founded by Lloyd Wright on April 1st, 1953. Lloyd graduated from North Central College in 1934 and spent 19 years working for the Gambles chain of stores in six different Illinois cities, selling a variety of products including hardware, toys, appliances, tires, farm equipment, furniture, floor coverings, motor scooters and much more. His great American dream began in a 4000 sq ft store that had been Wood's Furniture in downtown Pontiac. After 4 years, Lloyd moved the business to a larger, former Montgomery Wards location, a few blocks away. Over the years, Wrights grew in size by purchasing adjoining buildings and knocking holes thru the walls. Today, our showrooms and warehouses total approximately 60,000 sq ft of floor space. Lloyd retired in 1985, but Wright's is still family owned and operated by Lloyd's son, Gary, and Gary's sons, Shawn and Eric. We are proud of our excellent staff of 25 dedicated sales, service, installation, delivery, clerical, advertising, and management personnel.

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